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Hey Shelley, I just looked at the album and it is soooo great. The leather is beautiful and the pics are fabulous if I do say so myself ;-) You have such a great eye and are so talented at what you do! Thanks again, Allison

Hi Shelley! I had a blast yesterday, thank you very much! It was a wonderful experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life!! I will totally recommend you to all my friends, my sisters were so jealous when I told them about the session, teehee... You are such a nice person Shelley and you really made me feel very pretty and comfortable yesterday, thank you for that :) Can't wait to see all the pictures.... Hubby can't wait either, haha... Cheers! Eli

Hey Shelley, Holy crap I'm hot!!!!! I love them!! You are a genius!!!! Can't wait to see the rest! D

Hey Shelley Thank you so much for the photo shoot and beautiful leather album!Your work is amazing!!!! My husband loves it, I am so happy! He had no idea, I was very sneaky! lol It was so much fun, you made me feel totally comfortable. Definitely a boost of confidence! Thank you, Thank you!!!! Wish you all the best. Sincerely P p.s My husband says a HUGE thank you!

Hi Shelley, Wow!! The shots are great. I showed my fiance... he was blown away. Of course, he wants all of the images! Now we have to try to choose.... Thanks again for an amazing experience!! M

Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for having such a welcoming fun atmosphere. It truly was a liberating, fantastic morning! I had a wicked time! The pictures are AMAZING! Thank you so much, i can't believe that's me in some of them. Thanks again for the wonderful experience and beautiful images, besides the album there will certainly be some that make my bedroom wall ;) Cheers Katy